What We Do

We help leaders and their organizations reach both short- and long-term strategic goals. We help them to understand and then work with the underlying emotional factors that may serve to impede success.

As such, we differ from other organizational consultants because our coaching/consultations are as individual as a thumbprint. Our approach is not a “canned” sequence of sessions. For example, we don’t tell you—the experienced leader—what to do next. Rather we help you understand what is getting in the way of your professional and interpersonal progress. Our experience has shown that when such insights occur, “what to do next” and “how to undertake the challenge” become self-evident. Relying on his or her own training and experience, the business professional can then become a more successful leader.

Our clients tell us that we are empathic, easy to talk to, and eminently helpful to them. They say they now better understand their own leadership style, interpersonal behaviors and group dynamics within the organization.

We are often invited back by client organizations when changes occur. These changes include:

For Whom

Huggler and Associates works with both INDIVIDUALS and GROUPS.

Individuals include CEOs, Board chairs or members, executives and managers. We also help attorneys, accountants, physicians and other professionals.

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