Additional Services

Examples of our Additional Services follow:

Workplace Traumatic Event Debriefing: Designed to help employees with the emotional aftermath that follows a traumatic workplace event such a robbery, accident, violent act, death of an employee, etc. Debriefing is also used in organizations with staff who remain employed following a merger, layoffs, or termination of a key employee. We also debrief employees following the discovery of troubling workplace events such as embezzlement, harassment and office romances. If a workplace event negatively impacts employee morale, production and efficiency, we can help an organization get "back on track".

Personality & Career Testing: We can provide standardized testing and test interpretation to assist in job coaching and also to evaluate job candidates for suitability to the position.

360 Testing: Designed to measure individual performance for those in management and executive ranks.

Organizational Assessment: Designed to measure organizational cultural factors and employee engagement.

For Whom

Huggler and Associates works with both INDIVIDUALS and GROUPS.

Individuals include CEOs, Board chairs or members, executives and managers. We also help attorneys, accountants, physicians and other professionals.

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