Laura A. Huggler, Ph.D. and Associates offers consultation services to leaders, business professionals and organizations. Our consultants are business professionals and degreed and licensed mental health professionals. We understand the language of business. We know the challenges that today’s business leaders and organizations face.

These are reasons why we can help our clients to understand and cope with professional roadblocks and setbacks, and to make the necessary changes for sustained success. We have in-depth experience helping CEOs and other leaders as well as departments and entire organizations.

Huggler and Associates has more than 25 years of consultation experience with companies large and small and their executives and managers. We consult to private sector, financial institutions, nonprofits, family-owned businesses and professional group practices. We have a proven track record of helping leaders and their organizations reach both professional and strategic goals.

Working with decision-makers to understand the underlying psychodynamics of change, we help them achieve positive results and maintain success.

For Whom

Huggler and Associates works with both INDIVIDUALS and GROUPS.

Individuals include CEOs, Board chairs or members, executives and managers. We also help attorneys, accountants, physicians and other professionals.

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